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VoIP & Wireless Webinar

Interested in educating yourself about VoIP over WiFi, WiMAX, or other wireless technology? Well, besides the Internet Telephony Conference & Expo just a few weeks away, you may want to consider this webinar...

VoIP over Wireless Broadband -
January 31, 2005 - 11:00am New York / 4:00pm London

A special webinar for press, analysts and end users...

What happens when two hot technologies meet? VoIP and Wireless Broadband.
Not only do customers now want high-speed Internet connections to their
homes and businesses, they now also want VoIP. How do service providers
and ISPs integrate these two technologies?

Wi-LAN, a global provider of market-leading broadband wireless
communications products and technologies and charter member of the WiMAX
Forum, presents an hour long webinar that will demonstrate the advantage of
using wireless broadband to deliver these solutions.

- What kinds of wireless broadband technologies are available?
- Examples of various wireless back-haul architectures
- How do you handle the last 100 feet? - getting VoIP into the home or business
- How to choose the right VoIP service or technology for use with
wireless broadband
- Real world examples and case studies of VoIP and wireless broadband

Sign up for free at http://www.wilan.com/webinar/voip_050131.htm


FYI - if you prefer to have a private one on one conversation regarding the
potential and status of VoIP and Wireless Broadband, I'd be happy to set up
a phone briefing for you.

Mark Shapiro
Wi-LAN PR Team

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