3G video PDA phone with Skype

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3G video PDA phone with Skype

Previously, I had wondered about Skype CEO Niklas Zennstrom's statement announcing a partnership with Spirit DSP meant and how it would affect Global IP Sound. Previously I pondered, "Did this mean Skype was choosing a new voice engine?" After some further investigation, it appeared not be the case - Skype is still a happy GIPS customer. Then I came upon this information which only confused me further, but certainly did seem to suggest that Skype was looking to partner with both of the leading voice engine companies.

Sometimes this week, SPIRIT DSP will announce a deal with Compal Communications Incorporated (CCI), one of the largest ODMs (original design manufacturer) in the world, that they have licensed SPIRIT’s voice enhancement solution for its advanced 3G video PDA phone (based on ARM processor & most likely a Windows Mobile 5 device, but I haven't confirmed). Compal Communications is expected to ship a total of 83 million handsets in 2006, up 124% on-year, according to the Chinese Commercial Times.

Most interesting of all, according to SPIRIT DSP, "Compal are selecting SPIRIT Voice Enhancement software to make the voice of famous Skype clearer." Huh? So the Skype software on this 3G video PDA phone uses Spirit DSP and not GIPS?  I would have to assume Skype would have to agree to this and allow Compal to license the Spirit DSP voice engine and embed it within the Skype software instead of the GIPS voice engine. This product along with the Universal Scientific P2P Skype desktop phone certainly would indicate that Skype is no longer exclusively using GIPS.  Although the vast majority of Skype products, in particular the PC/Mac software clients use GIPS. Spirit DSP seems to be more focused on the hardware side of things targetting Skype-enabled hardware devices. I wonder if the recently announced Sony mylo personal communicator, which supports Skype, uses either GIPS or Spirit DSP?

The Compal VoIP-enabled ARM-based 3G video phone uses TeamSpirit Mobile voice engine components to to enhance the video call’s voice.

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