ActionTec VoSKY Chatterbox for Skype

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ActionTec VoSKY Chatterbox for Skype

The ActionTec VoSKY Chatterbox was launched on Thursday and I intended to blog it, but I had 16 blog posts on Thursday, so I couldn't cover all the VoIP news in one day! The VoSKY Chatterbox is a hands-free USB-based speakerphone designed specifically with Skype in mind, though there is no reason why this USB-based audio device wouldn't work with other VoIP apps. I reviewed a similar product - the Phoenix Technologies Duet, which had good audio quality but was a bit on the pricey side. Though it did have some unique features like the ability to conference PSTN and VoIP calls (i.e. conference a Skype call with your PSTN), but I digress....

"The new VoSKY Chatterbox, a plug-and-play USB speakerphone from Actiontec Electronics. Just plug it into a free USB port on your PC and start talking. The powerful speaker and microphone will carry and pick up sound up to 12 feet, so you can even walk around the room while you’re catching up with friends and family, " stated ActionTec.

Roughly the size of a computer mouse, the Chatterbox is a full-duplex speakerphone with adjustable volume and mute controls. The full-duplex feature enables both parties to hear each other simultaneously during a conversation. No software or special drivers are required, and digital signal processing (DSP) enhances the sound quality to ensure that conversations across the country or even across the ocean are as clear as talking with your next-door neighbor.

Works on Windows 2000/XP - sorry no Mac support. The VoSKY Chatterbox is a Skype-certified product and is available immediately at for $29.95.

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