Actiontec VoSKY Skype Gateway adds FXS ports

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Actiontec VoSKY Skype Gateway adds FXS ports

Actiontec announced a new version of their VoSKY Skype gateway at ITEXPO, adding FXS functionality (previous model has FXO support). FXS support allows you to connects directly to PBX's FXS station posts, which enables you to to have global numbering plan. With the new model you can connect multiple PBXs together in various locations and have seemless dialing. Less developed countried where public IP addresses are hard to come by like Skype because of its NAT traversal.
Actiontec VoSKY Skype Gateway
Thus, they can use ActionTec's Skype gateway to bridge multiple PBXs with a single numbering plan. The product also lets you dial into the gateway and get "2nd dialtone" to initiate an outbound call. Models include the 9140 and the 9180, which are 4 and 8 ports respectively, which complements the 9040 and 9080 FXO models. The older FXO models are not field upgradeable since the hardware for the FXS interface is different than the FXO port in the older model. Obviously, FXO ports don't provide voltage (analog dial-tone, ring voltage, etc.), but it's too bad the older FXO interface card didn't have a voltage generator and then simply require a firmware upgrade to enable FXS.

I met with David Tang, Director of Business Development for Actiontec and he mentioned how Actiontec has put a lot of "secret sauce" into their VoSKY product line to ensure that DTMF digits get through. They have alogorithms that check the DTMF digits and if they get mangled by compression or missing packets, Actiontec will correct the DTMF tones before sending them out the PSTN trunks.

David Tang from Actiontec also he told me "We stopped attending a major VoIP tradeshow in favor of Internet Telephony Expo because we found that the other show was focused on carriers and ITEXPO had a much broader audience, including VARs, resellers, and end-users. ITEXPO draws buyers. We closed a major deal from a multi-billion dollar ski company at the San Diego ITEXPO and we've already had a lot of interest at this (Ft. Lauderdale) show last night when the exhibit hall opened."

Rich is sitting with me in the press room as well, and at the moment is capturing a video interview of David using his Verizon XV6700 Windows Mobile phone. When he posts the video, I'll link to it.

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