ADTRAN new SMB VoIP integrated access device

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ADTRAN new SMB VoIP integrated access device

ADTRAN Total Access 900 SeriesADTRAN Total Access 900 Series Back
I interviewed ADTRAN on late Tuesday regarding their new Total Access 900 series that will be launched today. It's an interesting "all-in-one", soup-to-nuts, integrated access device with a very impressive price-point ($1025 for 4 analog ports plus a full PRI) that will certainly create some waves in the VoIP SMB market. The ADTRAN 900 series IADs are designed for customers looking for a hybrid TDM/IP solution that leverages their existing PBX while allowing them tomigrate to VoIP at their own pace simply by adding IP phones that interface to the existing PBX via the ADTRAN IAD.

I spoke with ADTRAN's Chris Thompson, product manager for ADTRAN Integrated Access Devices.Chris Thompson stated, "We've been the leader in the integrated access device market over the past 4-5 years. Leading market share in both TDM and VoIP integrated access devices. But one of the things that we've been asked by carriers who have been deploying our integrated access devices is some more feature-rich, more intelligence VoIP device."

Chris continued by explaining the issues the carriers were dealing with when having to purchase and integrate multiple disparate products together. "One of the things that they've been struggling with is there hasn't been a very good integrated solution for everything you need for integrated voice over IP solutions," said Chris, "What people have done so far is to cobble together a group of devices to deliver devices which might consist of a business class router for the WAN interface, VoIP converged access appliance that provides VoIP call statistics and remote survivability and teaming it up with one or two SIP gateways with FXO or FXS interfaces or even digital interfaces like T1 CAS, or PRI. What we decided to do is take all of that functionality and put it in a single box."

In fact, Chris explained they took the best of their current crop of ADTRAN products and put a lot of the functionality into the Total Access 900 series. "We built that product sort of as a hybrid Total Access 600 series integrated access devices and the NetVanta line of switch and router products. We took the best of both of those products and added a lit bit more functionality from previous products like our Atlas family."

Chris explanied some of the interesting features. For instance, the platform provides remote survivability so if you lose your softswitch or your connection to the VoIP network, you can still route calls to the customer premise. The new ADTRAN IADs provides a great migration path from traditional analog or PBX environment to a IP phone environment. For instance, the ADTRAN Total Access 900 supports remote management and provisioning of IP phones. The ADTRAN Total Access 900 series can even store configuration files and firmware files for IP phones. The ADTRAN IAD acts as the TFTP server for your IP phones. They also provide QoS capabilities including low latency queuing, weighted fair queuing, class-based weighted fair queuing, Diffserv codepoint marking, as well as clearing, marking, and re-marking any packets on the LAN to make sure they are marked appropriately.

I asked if it had any sort of built-in switching functionality and Chris stated, "It was designed to interface with a customer's PBX but it also has some switching functionality in the box.". He also mentioned support for ring groups, i.e. simultaneous ringing.

Chris mentioned, "We've had a whole lot of interest in this product. Just judging from the traffic we're getting from tradeshows, there doesn't seem to be a device that has quite this level of functionality all in a single box." He added, "We've gotten interest from CLECs all the way up to large RBOCs."

Let me share the news release that will go out late today, which details a lot of what I discussed along with some other pertinent information.

ADTRAN Introduces Next-Generation Multiservice Access Gateways which Simplify Delivery of Carrier-Based Voice over IP Services

New Total Access SIP Gateways Bring Integration and Cost Savings for SMB Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking Applications

ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading supplier of packetbased
integrated access solutions, today introduced two new platforms designed to simplify carrier IP voice and data service delivery for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). The Total Access 904 and 908 are multiservice access gateways that combine the voice functionality of ADTRAN's industry-leading Integrated Access Devices (IADs) with advanced IP routing, security, and Quality of Service (QoS) features. At the lowest price point in the market, these platforms allow carriers to expedite deployments of feature-rich Voice over IP
(VoIP), SIP trunking, and Hosted PBX applications.

"The forecasted rapid growth in adoption rates of next-generation services like VoIP among SMB customers is fueling the need for the evolution of the IAD into an intelligent, multiservice platform," said Keith Nissen, senior analyst, In-Stat.

"Total Access 900 Series platforms address the needs of the carrier by providing the flexibility to meet a variety of applications, both mixed-mode and IP, with a single device that leads the industry in terms of functionality and price point."

"As the leader in the integrated access market, we are working closely with our carrier customers to help them meet the changing needs of their networks by offering the flexibility to support both legacy and next-generation applications cost-effectively," said Tim Saunders, vice president of product management, ADTRAN Enterprise Networks Division. "Regardless of the service the carrier is rolling out, whether it is data only, IP trunking, or Hosted PBX, the Total Access 900 Series can meet its needs in a single platform that simplifies installation, configuration, upgrades, and management."

For carriers implementing IP network architectures, the Total Access 904 and 908 provide the flexibility to support a number of applications including trunk-side services, like PRI, to accommodate proprietary IP PBXs and traditional PBXs or phone systems, hosted PBX applications utilizing IP phones, and line-side service offerings.

These devices provide a T1 port for WAN connectivity, a 10/100Base-T Ethernet port for connection to an Ethernet switch, a PRI/T1 port for PBX connectivity, and either four or eight voice ports to support a variety of analog devices. The Total Access 904 and 908 offer a SIP Gateway, a robust IP router, stateful inspection firewall, advanced QoS features, IPSec VPN functionality, remote survivability, IP phone provisioning and management, and call admission control, all within a single multiservice platform. The Total Access 900 Series brings added benefit to the customer with 24x7 toll-free technical support, free
firmware updates, and industry-leading 10-year warranties. This product series currently consists of the Total Access 904, 908, 912, 916, and 924, offering 4, 8, 12, 16, or 24 voice ports, respectively. The Total Access 904 and 908 will be available at the end of November. All other models are currently shipping.

List prices are as follows: Total Access 904 - $1,025; Total Access 908 - $1,150; Total Access 912 - $1,450; Total Access 916 - $1,575; and Total Access 924 - $1,825.

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