Another Disruptive VoIP product from VoIPUser

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Another Disruptive VoIP product from VoIPUser

Came across this interesting VoIP-related blog entry:Tjardick's Weblog

He mentions VoIPUser which is offering FREE calling to not only SIP uers, not only IAX users, but also PSTN numbers in most countries. He says this is "disruptive". That's an understatement! Free phone calling simply by signing up with their service??? WOW!!

Check this out from's website: "Simply join this website as a member to obtain your free UK local rate or premium rate numbers. You will then have full access to the VoIP User Control Panel which will let you terminate these numbers to IAX, SIP or landline/mobile telephones in most countries in the World. "

So essentially, you join their site, get a UK number, and then you can make free calls almost anywhere in the world. How do they make their money? Well, according the the blog entry above, "VoIPuser is taking the kickback charges we receive for terminating the call, to pay for the forwarding of the call to landlines in selective countries all over the world or to any SIP or IAX2 destination."

VoIP = disruptive to the 1,000,000 power!

p.s. This site also mentions the disruptive power of VoIP -

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