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Applied Global Technologies Video Presenter

Videoconferencing product news release to share. I'm still waiting for the day when you ask someone to have a videoconference and they say "I'm sorry I don't have a videoconferencing system." and you respond smugly with "What? You mean to tell me that you don't have videoconferencing?"

A friend of mine had a similar experience when friends came to her condo and they had to access the internet via dial-up. "You mean to tell me you don't have broadband? hmph!"

It would be nice if one day you could simply give out one piece of contact info - your email address - and then everyone can use that to email you, VoIP call you, or videoconference you. One day.. (today you can make a SIP phone call using the email address)


Service combines business quality group videoconferencing with simple two-step access to presentations

Rockledge, FL – January 26, 2005 - Applied Global Technologies, proven experts in IP collaboration technologies and solutions, announces a remarkable innovation that dramatically improves the quality and the process of presenting content via video conferencing. VIDEO PRESENTERTM is the only highly interactive presentation tool on the market that provides real-time control of content, communications, broadcast and archiving within the meeting.

“AGT’s VIDEO PRESENTER service offers a flexible and elegant alternative to end users that are increasingly looking to integrate high quality presentations with the power of robust video communications,” stated Roopam Jain, Senior Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “Until now, limited data presentation capabilities have kept usage and reach of video conferencing curtailed to few users within an enterprise. VIDEO PRESENTER has the potential to change that.”

Accessed through AGT’s PERSPECTIVETM Collaboration Portal (c/P), it is the first service that provides a universal two-step process for connecting to a live presentation using new videoconferencing systems, legacy systems, and PCs: Step 1) enter IP, ISDN or URL address, and Step 2) enter meeting PIN. For the first time, collaboration users can present or attend meetings with minimal training, barriers or support requirements.

This new service offers storage of presentations (power point, jpegs, VISO drawings and more) for easy recall and displays them upon demand as part of a visual presentation. By utilizing many of the major videoconferencing manufacturers’ remote controls, a presenter may easily switch between three presentation modes – 1) full-screen business quality videoconferencing (point-to-point or multipoint), 2) both presentation and presenter window, or 3) full-screen presentation. Recording and playback features allow for streaming and long term archiving.

”Our goal was to design a service for the presenter – an instructor, salesperson, manager, etc – that provided the flexibility and control of a local presentation. We found that web conferences lacked the interaction and liveliness of a videoconference, but a videoconference had too many barriers with respect to presentation support,” stated Mike Valletutti, CEO, Applied Global Technologies. “With VIDEO PRESENTER, we are able to deliver a service to our customers that they can use immediately without requiring software, hardware or network upgrades.”

According to Andrew W. Davis, Managing Partner at Wainhouse Research (, “VIDEO PRESENTER is another innovative offering from AGT, a company that has demonstrated its leadership in understanding real customer needs. VIDEO PRESENTER avoids the complexity of many collaboration applications by addressing what most people need most of the time – the ability to present during a videoconference. This managed or hosted service from AGT provides an enormous enhancement to the vast installed base of room videoconferencing systems.”

VIDEO PRESENTER is available via three flexible off-site or customer premise delivery options – 1) a remotely managed service, 2) a hosted service from AGT’s 24x7 fully redundant VNOC, or 3) within AGT’s industry leading collaboration managed services program (cMSP). Pricing includes unlimited conferencing for a monthly flat fee by reserving the appropriate number of ports (video, audio/web, and broadcast) on the Multimedia Gateway (MMG) server.

“Our MMG technology uniquely combines multiple multimedia technologies into a single platform, eliminating the need for diverse integrated components which must be glued together to provide an equivalent presentation capability,” stated Ben Atha, CTO, Applied Global Technologies. “Now, using MMG, our users have the ability to meet, present, broadcast and archive from any H.323 endpoint using standard Microsoft™ Multimedia delivery tools.”

Regardless of delivery option selected, VIDEO PRESENTER is designed to make presentations more effective for the presenter and the experience better for the participant. A short overview demo of this new service is available at today. Click to demo now:

“AGT has created a powerful tool for companies which see the continued convergence of media as a way to allow them to see, hear, and share,” said Elliot M. Gold, President TeleSpan Publishing Corporation ( “As more meetings become visual, AGT’s VIDEO PRESENTER provides that important link to easily add virtually any kind of presentation to meetings ranging from an ordinary phone call to videoconferencing.”

For users with existing videoconferencing MCUs, AGT will soon release a complementary service using the features of the PERSPECTIVE collaboration Portal (c/P) for traditional video meetings. It will be available in March 2005.
Frost & Sullivan has authored a white paper on this new technology. It is available for downloading at the AGT web site ( under “White Papers.”

About Applied Global Technologies®
Applied Global Technologies® offers its customers proven expertise in IP collaboration with the mission to transform companies from buyers of technology into users of technology. As a dedicated collaboration managed service provider, AGT takes the enterprise vision of fully integrated IP networks and applies it as an effective, ROI-centered solution for today’s progressive and agile businesses.

In addition to its work in the commercial marketplace, the twelve-year old private corporation provides conferencing solutions to the Pentagon, branches of the US Military and civilian agencies, as well as numerous federal and state government facilities. The Company’s continued advancement in communications is being felt around the world. The company was recently listed among the fastest growing private companies in America (Inc 500).

AGT partners with those companies that bring value to its customers. Applied Global’s current partners include: Anteon, AT Alliance, EDS, Glowpoint, Infonet, MiCTA, Polycom, Radvision, SAIC, Sprint, SRA International, TANDBERG, VCON, and Verizon.

AGT is the creator of a series of innovative solutions in the Collaboration industry including: FATHOMTM c/A – an IP video analysis tool (FATHOM collaboration Analyzer), NEXUS c/RTM – a billing and utilization management tool (NEXUS collaboration Reporter), and PERSPECTIVETM c/P – a multimedia gateway to seamless communication between group and desktop systems (PERSPECTIVE collaboration Portal). These are available through AGT’s managed services.

Applied Global Technologies’ international headquarters is located in Rockledge, FL with field support offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Okinawa, Ottawa, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, and Washington, DC.

VIDEO PRESENTER, FATHOM, NEXUS c/R, PERSPECTIVE, Multimedia Gateway (MMG) and Applied Global Technologies are all trade marks of Applied Global Technologies, Inc.

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