Atacomm VoIP Distributor Bites the Dust

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Atacomm VoIP Distributor Bites the Dust

Atacomm, a well-known distributor of VoIP equipment bites the dust. I was aware they were in trouble for  several weeks actually. I had several Atacomm customers/resellers ask me if I knew what was up with Atacomm since they weren't receiving Atacomm equipment that they paid for. I was hesitant to post gossip about Atacomm's pending doom and potentially put the final nail in their coffin. I may be a journalist, but I still have to go to sleep at night and wondering if I put dozens of people out of work based on rumor just isn't worth it.

Anyway, I guess this is great new for, one of their main competitors.

This from their website:

Dear Atacomm Customers,

We apologize, but as of 6:00pm CST Friday, September 21st, Atacomm and its parent company Ataractic Corporation has ceased operations.  We appreciate the 7 years of loyalty and support from our customers.  We sincerely regret any adverse effects this may have caused.


Atacomm Sales & Support Staff

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