Atonics to embed Popular Telephony's P2P VoIP Technology

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Atonics to embed Popular Telephony's P2P VoIP Technology

Another win for Popular Telephony with an Asian company called Atonics, Inc., a leading designer of combined Wi-Fi VoIP solutions based out of Taiwan...

As you know from reading my blog, Popular Telephony is a P2P serverless VoIP solution that supports SIP, H.323, can reach the PSTN or even call Skype users. If your not familiar, I suggest you go read Popular Telephony's Peerio a Skype Killer?

Here is today's announcement of the win for Popular Telephony...


October 20, 2004 Popular Telephony Inc., the telecommunications middleware company behind the Peerio serverless communications invention, today announced their first ever product licensing agreement in Asia with Taiwan based Atonics Inc., one of the industry’s leading designers of combined Wi-Fi VoIP solutions.

The agreement will enable Atonics to manufacture and market a full range of “C’est Peerio™” terminals, including the first ever Wi-Fi IP phone to be powered by a serverless peer-to-peer technology. For Popular Telephony this partnership represents the company’s first efforts in entering the Asian enterprise and consumer marketplaces. Both companies will also cooperate jointly in marketing of Atonics’ “C’est Peerio” phones, bringing a combined Wi-Fi and fixed line serverless telephony system to businesses and consumers worldwide.

Peerio™ is Popular Telephony’s innovative solution that implements a serverless VoIP telephony system via a highly portable platform. Peerio eliminates the need for any centralized server and allows any IP phone, endpoint or other terminal to interconnect and materialize into a complete telephony system that is self-servicing and self-healing, redundant, secure and protocol-agnostic, as it is capable of operating on top of SIP or H.323 platforms. Peerio offers autonomous telephony that is free of central server control, as any Peerio-intelligent device or system is capable of supporting the widest possible range of telephony features and services, delivering up to 450 features, and can seamlessly scale to over 4 billion lines simultaneously.

Atonics as a strategic partner of Atmel Corp. USA, combines Atmel’s world leading System-on-Chip technology with Atonics’ system expertise enabling them to become the best VoIP solution provider in cost, performance and user-friendliness.

“Peerio™ is the first IP telephony system to provide a genuine alternative to the classic IP PBX system,” said Joseph Chiang, the CEO of Atonics, Inc. “Their serverless operability when combined with the level of functionality of hundreds of telephony features, hardware-free voicemail, industry standards support makes for a breakthrough product offering for Atonics,”.

Scalability will also make the difference. Peerio’s unique scaling from two to more than four billion users without additional costs, hardware or complexity places Peerio™ in an enviable position compared to all other telephony solutions. “It clearly makes economic sense for small to medium enterprises to deploy the Peerio powered Atonics phones, and is equally applicable to next generation carriers and Internet providers looking to create large-scale residential deployments” added Chiang.

Users of the “C’est Peerio” Atonics phones will be able to make free Peerio to Peerio (?) calls over any IP network and will even be able to assign themselves their own PSTN numbers in order to make and receive calls from the PSTN using Popular Telephony’s GNUP application (

“We are very excited and pleased to announce this collaboration with Atonicsas we regard the Asian market as a strategic early proving ground for Peerio serverless technology adoption, Being able to partner with a renowned market leader in Atonics is a wonderful first step,” – said Gavin McFadyen, the Marketing Director at Popular Telephony. “The addition of Atmel-based fixed line IP phones and wireless WiFi phones into Popular Telephony’s portfolio is equally of great value to both enterprise and residential customers worldwide, who will be able to use existing IP networks and WiFi hotspots easily make free and toll calls at any time.”

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