AT&T CallVantage Major Outage...

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AT&T CallVantage Major Outage...

AT&T logoI have received an unconfirmed report of a major outage for AT&T CallVantage, which is AT&T's VoIP broadband service.

I was emailed the following: "At 2:00 pm the voice system is now stating that they have a major outage."

Gee, it's not like this has happened before. Well, at least AT&T isn't the only VoIP player to experience an outage. Vonage had a few outages, not to mention the major Skype outage that I was the first to write about.

I'm contacting my reps at AT&T now. Stay tuned...

Update: 5:35pm
From AT&T spokesperson:

"Earlier today we experienced an isolated service outage, but have since identified and resolved the issue. There was an isolated equipment issue within our CallVantage network. Our team quickly identified this and worked to restore service as soon as possible. Service has been back up and running for almost two hours now."

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