Autotask integrates Web and VoIP

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Autotask integrates Web and VoIP

Autotask is an interesting company that marries hosted CRM with VoIP service providers to provide Web-based "screen pop" customer information to VoIP subscribers. Autotask supports the growing number of VoIP solution providers through their "ExecuteCommand API" that they use to program into their system. Essentially, Autotask is a hosted application that runs inside of a standard browser accessible by any application or device that can generate an http call, including virtually every VoIP System. It's as simple as constructing a URL that points to Autotask, and embedding a few key variables (including the phone number captured through caller-ID), which then tells Autotask which window to open up, and what record to find.

Using the new “Execute Command” API available for Autotask, VoIP Solution providers can detect incoming calls to the solution provider’s service line and use the phone number to automatically launch the Autotask platform on the receiving end and open up the account of the caller. The main account screen in Autotask provides instant access to service tickets, existing and past projects, installed hardware, software and service provider specifications, as well as customer service notes, and service contracts in place.

AutoTask pointed out that if there's an IVR system on the front-end, each menu option can have a different HTTP command to perform a different function when that call hits the computer. For example, one command would open up that customer's account detail window, exposing access to ALL customer info, including all service tickets, projects, notes, contacts, attachments, etc. But if the person is calling on a new service issue, then the "New Service Ticket" window in Autotask would open, with the customer's info already in there ready to add the problem info. Or if the person is calling about a pre-existing issue and has the ticket number, the IVR can prompt them to enter it, and when that call hits the system, that specific ticket window for that customer pops up on the screen. They mentioned that they have 9 different kinds of commands that can be easily programmed into the VoIP systems to streamline access not just to a generic window, but context and contact-specific.

Soon it won't be simply about inexpensive VoIP service, customers will demand enhanced services and integration. As hosted CRM applications such as Autotask grow and the demand for customer-focused "intelligent call routing" grows, we will see many more Web applications that integrate the web with voice for a better customer experience. Is that Web 2.0, VoIP 2.0 or VoWeb 1.0? ;)

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