Avaya #1 VoIP PBX Vendor?

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Avaya #1 VoIP PBX Vendor?

AvayaI was too busy yesterday to blog this news, but thought it was still important enough to mention. Yesterday, I received an email stating that Avaya, a traditional PBX manufacturer had "widened its lead in worldwide enterprise Internet protocol (IP) telephony revenues." The report showed Avaya as the #1 vendor in IP telephony revenue. This caught my eye for a couple reasons. One, I thought that Cisco, a traditional networking company that became a IP-PBX manufacturer, was the #1 vendor. Second, hearing how Avaya had increased its revenue lead made me wonder how much impact open-source IP-PBX solutions such as Asterisk are truly having on the VoIP market.

After all, I would have thought by now that Avaya, Nortel, Toshiba, and other traditional PBX manufacturers would have "dips" in their revenue numbers due to inexpensive solutions from Digium, Fonality, Switchvox, and a ton of other low-cost Asterisk-based IP-PBXs, which rival the feature-set of more expensive traditional PBX solutions. As I mentioned in my Top 10 Reasons Why I love Asterisk, I'm a huge fan of Asterisk, which was founded by Digium's Mark Spencer. Although, I'm supposed to be an objective reporter, I can't help but root for open source solutions, including Asterisk.

Unfortunately, no Asterisk-based solution is a publicly-traded company, so that makes it difficult to track revenue from Asterisk deployments, which I have no doubt are growing. Now, this isn't to say I don't like Avaya, Nortel, Toshiba, etc. They have some great products that I've tested over the years. It's just fun to root for the underdog - the David over Goliath, ya know?

In any event, here's an excerpt of the release that went out yesterday showing Avaya continuing their dominance in VoIP. Any thoughts on this? Post a comment.


Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV) widened its lead in worldwide enterprise Internet protocol (IP) telephony revenues, according to Synergy Research Group's 2Q 2007 Enterprise Voice Market Shares Report.  With this report, Avaya marks another quarter of leadership in this market, as more businesses around the globe evolve their voice networks to IP telephony. Avaya is a global provider of business communications applications, systems and services.

The report shows Avaya as the #1 vendor in IP telephony revenues (as defined by Synergy), with 25.4 percent of the global market for the second quarter of 2007. In addition, the report shows that Avaya retained its leadership position in the worldwide overall enterprise telephony market in revenue, with nearly 19 percent of the market in 2Q, more than 2 percentage points over its nearest competitor.

"IP Telephony continues to show strong global growth, with the overall market growing 22.5% in revenues year over year," said Jeremy Duke, president and CEO, Synergy Research Group. "Businesses see IP as an essential part of their strategy to operate more efficiently and productively. Our report shows Avaya continuing to extend its leadership position in terms of market share growth."

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