Bababoo Mobile VoIP App for iPhone Saves You Money

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Bababoo Mobile VoIP App for iPhone Saves You Money

Bababoo is a new iPhone mobile VoIP app, similar to Viber which aims to simplify dialing while saving on costs. Bababoo user-to-user calls are free. It automatically figures out whether WiFi, 3G (data), or your mobile carrier is the best way to connect. Non-Bababoo calls are 16 cents/minute. If Bababoo cannot connect you through WiFi or 3G (data) then Bababoo transfers the call to your carrier who will charge $1.69/minute. Here's a video of how it works:

Check out the listing of all rates and it's worthy to note that Bababoo credits can be purchased directly in the iPhone app. An Android version is coming soon and Blackberry in 2012. With so many similar mobile VoIP apps that offer free user-to-user calling, including Skype, fring, Viber, differentiating from the pack is key. Viber's big claim to fame is that you can just dial a person's number and if they're already a Viber user it'll automatically route the call using VoIP. It appears Bababoo copies this ease-of-use feature, but also added some other automatic call routing capabilities. Bababoo also offers group calling. Any Bababoo members who are connected to the Internet can be conferenced for free. Voicemail and SMS are currently not available, but they will have it available the third quarter of 2011. I hope to try this out today and post some additional thoughts.

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