Beer and VoIP a great combination

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Beer and VoIP a great combination

Beer and VoIP go hand-in-hand like New York Yankee championships in October. lol!

Bob McKenzie: "No way, hoser. You mean Red Sox."

Doug McKenzie: "Take off, eh. Aaron Boone walk off home run against the Red Sox. That was beauty, eh!"

Bob McKenzie: "You hoser, that was 3 years ago. 2004 was beauty, eh. Red Sox defeated the Yankees in 7 games."

Doug McKenzie: "No way, eh. That never happened. That Red Sox championship was just a dream I had, I mean a nightmare, eh. Of course I had 159 beers in 72 hours so that Series is a bit of a blur to me, eh."

Bob McKenzie: "Yeah way, you knob! But you were pretty drunk. You were so drunk somebody horked your clothes, eh."

Doug McKenzie: "Yeah, that sucked, eh."

Bob McKenzie: "Hey, remembered that time we got drunk and both ran onto the field at Yankee Stadium, eh."

Doug McKenzie: "Yeah that was beauty, eh. You even almost made it to home plate, till New York's finest tackled you, eh."

I could go on and on with more parodies of the McKenzie brothers from the movie Strange Brew, but I'll stop there. If you've seen Strange Brew, you get the humor which is on the same level as Beavis & Butthead. The point of this blog post? Well, Computing, reports, that Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries is installing voice over IP-based (VoIP) systems to improve services and reduce costs. I couldn't help myself but intertwine the famous beer movie and VoIP. Anyway, according to the article, "The independent brewing and pub company, whose brands include Marston's Pedigree and the 2,300-strong chain of Pathfinder and Union Pubs, plans to use the technology initially for telephony in its contact centres, but will later extend it to cover data services." more...

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