Boy Saved from Cougar by Golden Retriever

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Boy Saved from Cougar by Golden Retriever

Yet another reason why dogs are the greatest - a Canadian boy named Austin was stalked by a cougar and when the cougar charged, Austin's golden retriever, aptly named Angel sprang into action and leapt between them. The cougar and Golden Retriever wrestled while the boy ran inside so upset he was unable to communicate to his mother what was happening. Finally, he was able to say, "there's a cougar eating Angel."

She then called 911 for help and a nearby officer was able to quickly come and shoot the cougar, which had Angel's head and neck in its mouth. The cougar was shot dead on top of Angel and Angel wasn't moving. Oh no! An unhappy ending...

But when Austin's cousin lifted the cougar, Angel took in a deep breath, stood up, walked over to Austin and sniffed him to make sure he was alright. Angel suffered injuries to her head, punctured sinus, and legs, but nothing serious.

What does this have to do with VoIP? Well his mom did call 911 and there's probably a 50-50 shot or more that is was on a VoIP line. Hey, it's a great story and worth sharing.

Via CTV and more here and here (all have videos)

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Feedback for Boy Saved from Cougar by Golden Retriever


oh my gosh what a great and brave dog! Trust me Im a big fan of golden retrievers and I think their wonderful animals.

Wow, what a scary story, Angel has the heart of a lion, so glad the story had a happy ending.

What an incredible story. Golden Retrievers are an incredible dog and I'm not surprised by the loyalty and love shown by Angel. She is a classic example of mans best friend (or in this case, boys best friend) and definitely a story worthy of sharing.

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