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Brekeke OnDO IP-PBX

Brekeke's OnDO PBX

Brekeke OnDO PBX Architecture

Ok, now this is the 2nd new IP-PBX company I found in just 1 day! How did I not hear of this sooner? What gives? (See: New IP-PBX Company?) Someone emailed me asking if I knew about Brekeke's OnDO PBX, which I did not. To quote William Shatner from Airplane2, after being informed there is 'no tower' -- "Why the hell aren't I informed about these things?" (wish I could find a .WAV file for that - no luck on Google)

UPDATED - someone passed along the WAV file, so adding it to this entry - too good to pass it up.

I was familiar with Brekeke, but didn't know they had a SIP-based IP-PBX. They have two models - OnDO PBX SmallOffice and OnDo PBX Standard Edition.

Their OnDO PBX SmallOffice Edition was designed for small offices, or branch offices that are already on an SIP VoIP network. SmallOffice Edition contains all the features of OnDO PBX Standard Edition, just on a smaller scale.

OnDO PBX SmallOffice Edition is limited to the following:
40 users with PBX features (transfer calls, voicemail access, forwarding, etc.)
12 concurrent call sessions (includes internal sessions)
Although fully-enabled users with PBX features are limited to 40 persons under SmallOffice Edition, non-PBX participating users can still share the same number extension system (and make and receive calls) through the OnDO SIP Server.

But what is REALLY cool is that you can utilize OnDO products with VoIP service providers instead of buying/paying for PSTN trunks. They currently support iConnectHere,,, and

And look at this amazing pricing!
OnDO PBX Standard Edition -- US$3,000.00 per installation
OnDO PBX SmallOffice Edition -- US$300.00 per installation

Further, they have a FREE trial so you can just download the software and have an instant IP-PBX! (similar to Asterisk or Pingtel's SIPXchange). But it seems to me Brekeke is making this software virtually "plug and play" - the same cannot be said of Asterisk at least.

Check out the free trial description...

Download OnDO PBX Free Trial
Same IP-PBX features as OnDO PBX Standard Edition*
Up to 40 PBX users
Up to 12 concurrent call sessions
*This trial version of OnDO PBX is limited to 3 consecutive hours of use. You may use the same copy of the software for CONTINUOUS evaluations; however, you will need to restart the computer every 3 hours.
Note for OnDO SIP Server users If you have OnDO SIP Server already installed on your computer, uninstall it before installing OnDO PBX. OnDO PBX is bundled with OnDO SIP Server, thus the ports that were used by a prior installation of OnDO SIP Server will be needed for OnDO PBX to work properly.

here are some of the features:
Call Hold
Attended Transfer
Unattended Transfer
Call Park
No Answer Call Forwarding
Busy Call Forwarding
Unconditional Call Forwarding
Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
Auto Attendant
Direct Inward Dialing
Ring Groups
Call Pickup
Call Hunting
Email Notification
Call Recording *
Conference *
* These functions are supported in the current OnDO PBX version 1.4 beta.

I have got to download the trial and start playing with this! GOOD STUFF!

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