Broadsoft Acquires Rival Sylantro

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Broadsoft Acquires Rival Sylantro

broadsoft-logo.gifIn what could portend several acquisitions in the VoIP space, Broadsoft has acquired rival competitor Sylantro Systems, both makers of softswitches and both heavily involved in carrier infrastructure, IMS, and converged services. TMCnet's Greg Galitzine has the full details on the acquisition.

With the global slowing economy, even the VoIP industry which has had exponential growth over the last 13 years, is being affected by the global downturn. No doubt we will see more consolidation within the VoIP space and likely a few bankruptcies as well.

I for one can't believe it's been 13 years since VoIP was first invented. It's amazing to think I've been covering the VoIP industry for over a decade, when most people have only heard of VoIP in the last 5 years or so. I still believe VoIP has not reached its full potential and will still be one of the few bright spots in the near future because of its cost-savings potential and other factors that will drive customer and carrier adoption.

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