Buying a Viper using click-to-call VoIP

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Buying a Viper using click-to-call VoIP

Viper Cape CodCool - looks like my favorite car (Dodge Viper) and my favorite technology (VoIP) are merging together. The next Viper I buy from DaimlerChrysler can be done via VoIP using click-to-call technology from eStara (see release below). Of course, I could also just check out eBay Motors for any used Vipers for sale, which no doubt will soon feature Skype buttons for VoIP "click-to-call" connectivity beteween eBay buyers and sellers. Or I can simply contact my Viper mechanic - the Viper Wizard, Chuck Tator who is the Viper "guru" for the entire Northeast and who also happens to sell Vipers at the last independent Dodge dealership in America. When it comes to Vipers, Chuck is da man! So I'll most likely give him my business on my next Viper.

eStara's Click To Call Service Drives Sales For The Chrysler Group VoIP-enabled service now accounts for 10% all DaimlerChrysler's business unit's marketing calls

eStara, a leading provider of communications solutions linking buyers and sellers, today announced the results of its click to call implementation for The Chrysler Group, a unit of DaimlerChrysler, the world's fifth largest automaker.

According to Chrysler Group statistics, twice as many callers using the click to call feature would purchase vehicles when compared to standard inbound callers. Up to 20% of click to call callers have actually purchased vehicles compared to just 10% of all callers who utilize traditional marketing materials. In addition, Chrysler Group officials also say their agents were able to initiate sales in less time through click to call compared to regular sales leads methods.

Today, ten (10%) percent of all marketing calls to Chrysler Group Agents are via click to call from their brand websites.

Like most companies with multi-product offerings, the Chrysler Group struggled in converting website visitors into buying customers. The company chose eStara to connect Chrysler Group agents with ready-to-buy customers via a PC to Phone or Phone to Phone connection. eStara's click to call service enables website customers to speak directly with Chrysler Group Agents for answers to their questions and determine their needs with a simple click of a mouse.

Click to call technology lets users click an HTML button embedded on a website, e-mail, ad banner, search engine or online directory listing, and
immediately speak with a customer service representative. Unlike a
toll-free phone number, with eStara's click to call service, the Chrysler Group can control where and when online visitors can migrate from the web to the phone sales channel.

The product launched with minimal training and reaped maximum results for the leading automaker's sales teams. After six months of using the basic service, the Chrysler Group added eStara's Agent Console feature that allowed Chrysler Group Agents to synchronize voice and data logs of all web-based calls in order to:

. See on their PC screen exactly which page the click to call user was
calling from;
. Quickly determine the caller's needs;
. Engage the customer by pushing content back to their PC, thus allowing
them to proceed with planning the purchase of their desired vehicle.

As a result of the Chrysler Group's success using click to call on its Chrysler, JeepR and Dodge brand sites, DaimlerChrysler is expanding the use of click to call across more of its brands and online strategies.

To download a PDF version of the full case study visit:

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