CableMatrix unified policy management solution

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CableMatrix unified policy management solution

Tomorrow CableMatrix at SCTE will announce an interesting unified policy management solution that guarantees end-to-end service quality (QoS) for applications (e.g. VoIP) traversing converged IP networks - managing WiMAX, cable, wireless, and DSL access solutions.  It even has IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) implications. Using QoS and centralized management, operators will have the ability to extend high-quality services no matter where and how the subscriber accesses the network.

YourLink, a broadband service provider will begin trials this summer. 

Here's the news:

CableMatrix and VCom Showcase Unified Policy Management VoIP Solution
High Quality Cable-to-WiMAX Voice Demonstration Precedes Summer Field Trials

DENVER, CO – (June 20, 2006) - CableMatrix Technologies, a leading provider of Quality of Service (QoS) policy management solutions, will be demonstrating a unified policy management solution in conjunction with WiMAX designer and manufacturer VCom Inc. (TSX:VCM) that guarantees end-to-end service quality for VoIP calls traversing dissimilar networks, in this case cable-to-wireless. The demonstration will take place at the Society of Cable and Telecommunication Engineer (SCTE) Cable-Tec Expo (Booths 1645 and 1753) and highlights the potential for centrally managing QoS across a converged network, similar to the emerging IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture.  Field trials are scheduled to begin this summer.

“Employing unified policy management, service providers can extend their distribution network and deliver a consistent quality-of-experience, regardless of access medium,” said Satish Putta, director of product development for CableMatrix. “Our WiMAX support is the first in a series of platform extensions designed to address all major cable, wireless, and DSL access solutions.”

The central components powering the demonstration are the CableMatrix On-Demand Service Platform (ODSP™) integrated with the VCom VistaMAX 802.16-2004 based transmission gear, as well as a DOCSIS-certified CMTS and accompanying customer premise equipment.  ODSP is an advanced, standards-based policy management platform for seamlessly delivering next-generation IP-based services such as SIP voice, streaming video, multi-player online gaming and video conferencing with dynamic QoS, on a per-session basis. The combined elements enable QoS-enhanced VoIP sessions on the attached DOCSIS network, connected to a corresponding standards-based IP voice over the WiMAX air interface. 

YourLink Inc., a Canadian based broadband service provider and wholly owned subsidiary of VCom, is planning summer trials of the technology. “WiMAX gives us the ability to provide a high-speed broadband service that rivals even wireline offerings,” said Robert Forget, director of wireless sales at VCom. “Adding unified QoS policy management allows us to guarantee service levels for both our enterprise and residential subscribers across disparate networks.”

About CableMatrix
CableMatrix provides IMS compatible software solutions that enable broadband operators to maximize their revenues while delivering media-rich IP applications and services. Its standards-compliant ODSP Policy Server, in conjunction with the XAM Application Manager, enables dynamic QoS and bandwidth management on a per-customer, per-application basis, giving broadband cable operators the ability to directly link increased bandwidth usage with increased revenue. For more information, visit

About VCom
VCom Inc. (TSX: VCM) designs, manufactures and sells products that enable broadband access to cable, wireless and telephony networks. VCom’s hardware products incorporate embedded software developed by it to meet the complex requirements of next-generation, high-speed digital networks. Service providers use VCom’s solutions to deliver services to a converging worldwide broadband market, including what are commonly known as “triple play” (voice, video and data) and “quadruple play” (voice, video, data and wireless) services. VCom’s solutions allow service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively bridge the final network segment that connects the system directly to end users, commonly referred to as “the last mile”, by overcoming the bottleneck resulting from insufficient carrying capacity in legacy, last mile infrastructures. VCom’s products are directed at three principal markets: Data over Cable, Broadband Wireless and Digital Video. The Company has also developed and continues to focus on developing products to address emerging markets such as Voice over Internet Protocol, fibre to the home and IP video.

VCom is a Principal Member of the WiMAX Forum that has developed the international open standard for this new technology. Certification to the IEEE 802.16 standard under the WiMAX certification process requires interoperability of equipment manufactured by different vendors. Operators demand interoperability to ensure that economies of mass production will be achieved by aggregating production for all manufacturers. VCom’s VistaMAX Time Division Duplexing (TDD) Base Station was successfully tested for interoperability under the provided guidelines at the WiMAX Forum 3rd Plugfest in Sophia Antipolis, France in March 2006. For more information, visit

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