Caesar's Palace Goes VoIP

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Caesar's Palace Goes VoIP

According to, Caesar's Palace will be complete with biometrics and VoIP. According to, "Cranes put the finishing touches on the exterior of the new tower which opens in August with an array of high-tech facilities. Guests will be able to chat on the VoIP telephones while looking out over 'Lake Como' outside the neighbouring Bellagio."

It was unclear from the article what the biometrics was used for - could just be for door security/entry, but I'd be a little concerned letting a casino have access to my fingerprints for any reason.

"Your honor, I did not steal the Caesar Palace towels, nor the fancy soap dish."

"Mr. Keating, we have your fingerprints."

"Yes, but you robbed me of $750 on the Blackjack tables, so what's a $30 towel to ya?"

Anyway, ZDnet also had some information, including comments from Caesar's CEO, Carol Pride who stated that they looked at wireless solutions but decided against a deployment because "there were still some questions about security." Further, the ZDNet article points out that Pride said cost was one driver behind the introduction of VoIP but added that hardware and operability were the main drivers. A key factor was the potential to offer "large color screens, which will offer customers more opportunity for feedback and interaction," Pride said.

Hmmm... I wonder if Caesar's is planning on displaying Blackjack or Roulette cards on those LCD screens? You could gamble from your own hotel room. Then there truly will be no escaping gambling anywhere in Vegas - there will be no respite - not even in your own hotel room. Scary...

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