CIA Offers VoIP Service?

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CIA Offers VoIP Service?

cia-seal.jpgApparently the CIA wants to get into the VoIP biz. Oh wait, not that CIA, this CIA.

Basically it's vs. Relatedly, (not is a blank page - cybersquatter? Anyway, Cybersurf Internet Access (CIA) is a trade name of 3web Corp. 3web Corp. is a subsidiary of Cybersurf Corp. ("Cybersurf"). It's a Canadian-based company offering high-speed Internet and VoIP services.


Their site states, "CIA Home Phone is a fantastic new residential phone service that saves you a bundle on all your local and long distance calls. Keep your existing phone number and make calls just like you've always done, with the added benefit of 3¢/min anytime calling across Canada and the US, and unheard of international rates!"

I don't know about you, but the thought of "CIA Home Phone" gives me the creeps. What's next - "KGB Home Phone"? I don't want either in my home. Sorry Cybersurf Internet Access, no offense.

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