Cisco and IBM

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Cisco and IBM

According to the Yankee Group, "Cisco and IBM Are Preferred Internet Protocol Telephony Solution Providers".

The Yankee Group released results of a new study that show internet protocol telephony (IPT) solution providers need to focus on the basic features that make IP telephony work in corporate environments. The Yankee Group IP Telephony YankeeBrandMonitor indicated that attributes such as stability, reliability and quality outweighed "future" benefits, such as technology leader and innovator.

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) ranked number one and number
two, respectively, in the study for deployment preference in the next 2 years.

Ok, now what I REALLY want to know is when is IBM going to develop and sell their own VoIP product as opposed to reselling and deploying others VoIP solutions?

Or is IBM afraid if they do develop a VoIP product they'll have to "pull the rug out" from under their customers -- like they did with their IBM desktop and laptop users? (See IBM sells PC and Laptop Business)

Ouch! That was harsh...

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