Cisco vs. Juniper

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Cisco vs. Juniper

I was just reading an article from BusinessWeek Online that discussed the battle between Cisco and Juniper.

It hits the nail on the head with what I said yesterday about Cisco and Juniper. (Cisco New Routers Everything But the Kitchen Sink)

Part of the article states: "Rather than concentrate strictly on the "big iron" used by phone companies and other carriers, Juniper announced on June 14 that it would start selling low-end "access routers" as well. These "J-series" models were aimed at Cisco's stronghold -- a $4 billion-a-year segment, in which Cisco enjoys a market share of roughly 90%.
Now, Cisco is fighting back. On Sept. 14, it unveiled three new models designed to maintain its lock on the access-router market and increase its share of some other faster-growing niches. That's because the new routers can also provide network security as well as offer voice services using the fast-growing voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology -- functions that in the past came in separate Cisco products."

Go here to read the full article:News Channel 10 - Consumer - Cisco Vs. Juniper: Punch, Counterpunch

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