Click to call continues to grow

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Click to call continues to grow

With companies such as Ingenio and eStara promoting click-to-call technology and ecommerce sites looking to add click-to-call to help close sales, "click-to-call VoIP" (click on a web link and initiate a VoIP call) continues to make strides. Google, eBay, Yahoo and other major Web players have click-to-call directory assistance "on their radar", as well as what I like to call "click-to-close" (the sale) utilizing Web-initiated VoIP calls to aid in closing sales. Continuing that trend towards click-to-call is ThomasNet, which launched a VoIP-based call tracking service powered by eStara.

ThomasNet claims to be the world's largest industrial search engine and they plan to provide free-call tracking numbers to its clients including manufacturers, distributors and industrial service providers. ThomasNet plans on introducing the service to a select number of customers as a value-added feature.

"We know that more than 9 out of 10 industrial buyers go online first when looking for products and services. A good portion of our clients' business is initiated online, and completed offline. This is difficult to track for anyone," continued Daloisio. "eStara tracks every phone call generated, which gives our clients a complete picture of ROI."

Because it is built on eStara's VoIP platform, eStara claims that their Track the Call is faster and less expensive to deploy and is more robust and reliable than traditional switch-based call tracking services.

You can read more about the news here.

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