Clicksaya offers free Click-to-Calls

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Clicksaya offers free Click-to-Calls

clicksaya-button.jpg Clicksaya is a new VoIP offering just launched in beta that offers click me web buttons. While click-to-call web buttons are not news, the nice thing about Clicksaya's C2C buttons is it currently connects users for free between 5 countries including Canada, USA, Hong Kong, China, Singapore. Jajah offers click-to-call as well, but they charge to terminate the call.

So how does Clicksaya work?

A visitor to your website clicks on the Clicksaya button or a recipient of your email clicks on your Clicksaya button in your signature. An online form displays asking the recipient to enter the phone number they want to be reached. Your phone will ring first. When you answer, your recipient's phone will ring and Clicksaya will connect both of you. Technically, it's not VoIP since it's phone-to-phone, but I'm sure Clicksaya leverages VoIP on the back-end.

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