Computer Telephony without Telephony Boards

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Computer Telephony without Telephony Boards

I just read a news release from Uniqall that discusses Moore's law and the affect that VoIP has had on eliminating the need for hardware telephony boards (i.e. Dialogic/Intel) and instead using software-based host media processors for all of the media processing.

This is similar to Intel's NetStructure Host Media Processing (HMP) which is also software-based and uses the Pentium chip for processing. Anything to make you upgrade to the latest and greatest Pentium, right?

It shall be interesting to see how the traditional telephony board manufacturers (Natural Microsystems, Aculab, Intel/Dialogic) evolve to meet this software-based challenge. (though it looks like Intel is adopting the software model at the expense of their existing telephony boards that they sell)

Check out the full press release here:
PRESS RELEASE: Computer Telephony without Telephony Boards

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