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Convergin SIP Mobile Convergence

Just wanted to share this bit of interesting bit of mobile/SIP convergence news from Convergin. The road to an all "IP core" took another step with this bit of news. Convergin, formerly PhoneDo Networks, today entered a new company phase with the announcement of its new name and its Accolade platform. This is the first core network Wireless Convergence Server (WCS) solution for Fixed Mobile Convergence.

Founded in 2000, Convergin offers a unique approach for operators to smoothly transition to an all-IP core. Its carrier-grade solutions are field-proven with over three years of live deployments at the core of wireless and wireline networks worldwide.

The Accolade platform seamlessly unifies mobile, legacy and next-gen network elements, enabling service providers to accelerate their core network evolution towards SIP Mobile Convergence. It expands the reach of core switching and service platforms beyond their original domains towards IMS.

When mobile, fixed and IP networks interoperate, convergence occurs at two distinct layers: the transport layer and the network intelligence layer. At the transport layer, convergence is already taking place with the deployment of softswitches. However, at the network intelligence layer, a WCS is needed to converge the mobility, access, and service domains. Employing a SIP Mobile Convergence approach, the Convergin Accolade solution allows new services and convergence capabilities at the network intelligence layer while seamlessly advancing towards IMS.

SIP Mobile Convergence goes far beyond Single Identity and mobile VoIP - opening new opportunities such as wireless mobility over core softswitches, enabling SIP access and call continuity to the mobile domain, and enabling unified service delivery with SIP application servers across legacy and SIP mobile access. This allows mobile and fixed operators, MVNOs and emerging carriers to leverage their investment in data-centric IP networks towards the voice-centric domain.

"Our mission is to lead and accelerate the evolution of networks through convergence towards the realization of an IMS core," said Convergin CEO Dr. Ayal Itzkovitz. "The Accolade platform is the best long-term option for service providers to evolve their network while entering new markets, attracting new customers and employing new business models."

Accolade is a carrier-grade solution featuring a unique distributed architecture. It scales up to millions of Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA) and supports a wide range of network elements, protocols and signaling technologies including SIP, SS7, TDM, IP, IMS, CDMA, GSM/UMTS and others.

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