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Covad Business VoIP

Covad Business VoIP is Scary!VoIP is scary! The horror! The horror! This Covad movie titled The Ringing Movie is pretty scary (I included the Covad movie below set to autoplay). Just look at the eyeball in the screenshot to the left taken from Covad's website. On Covad's website the eyeball follows your cursor as horrific screams play in the background - the eyeball even winks and the eyeball protrudes closer. Hide your kids, this is scary stuff! The movie is a spoof of "The Ring" and the "Scream" movies where the phone ringing portends doom. Ok, I can't watch any good horror flick without some popcorn. Hold on, let me go make some popcorn to watch this. I'll be right back...


Ok, I'm back. This new Covad VoIP Business advertisement is pretty impressive and a great marketing ploy. It's right up there with those Vonage commercials if not better. It's a fairly long movie (3min 30s), so at first I wasn't sure if Covad planned to air this on TV or not - considering most commercials are either 30s or 60s. but according to Covad's website, the ad is playing in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Baltimore and Washington D.C. I contacted Covad and they told me that they have a shorter version for TV. TiVo users listen up - don't skip the commercial - it's actually a good commercial IMO. As to the content of the Covad commercial - well basically Covad is is using this unique ad campaign to launch their business grade VoIP product. Yep, the big news is Covad is going after the business market to replace your corporate PBX (though they can work alongside your corporate PBX as well and just do VoIP trunking). And although I included the movie here, go check out the Covad movie directly on their site for the full horror experience!

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