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Covad VoIP

I realize this bit of news is 3 days old, but I've been traveling, so cut me some slack! ; ) This news release claims Covad VoIP on T1 is up to 40% less than competitive offers

Covad Managed Voice and Data Bundle Up to 60% Less than Competitive Offers

San Jose, Calif. (March 8, 2005) - Covad Communications Group, Inc. (OTCBB: COVD), a leading national provider of integrated voice and data communications, today announced Voice-Optimized Access (VOA) technology on T1 and SDSL available to 6 million small businesses in over 900 cities nationwide.

"Covad stands alone with the creation of the only managed, business-class VoIP service that's available nationwide," said David McMorrow, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Covad. "Voice Optimized Access further unlocks the value of our facilities-based network and enables Covad to manage the voice quality over both the 'last mile' and our entire nationwide network."

McMorrow continued, "This strategic development demonstrates Covad's continued commitment to creating solutions that provide small-to-medium businesses with competitively priced, innovative communications services."

Unlike consumer-class VoIP products which require the customer to 'bring their own access' and do not control the quality of the broadband underlying their voice service, Covad's VOA technology manages the quality of both voice and data services simultaneously. With Covad's VOA technology customers can conduct daily business activities such as multiple phone calls and accessing large data files concurrently, without compromising their voice quality.

Covad VoIP on T1 is up to 40% less than competitive offers and is built to meet the economic and communication needs of a company with up to 200 employees. Covad VoIP on SDSL is up to 60% less than competitive offers and is built to meet the economic and communication needs of small businesses that have 5-50 employees. Both services eliminate the need for expensive and space consuming PBX equipment.

Covad VoIP provides the following capabilities:

 Find Me/Follow Me - Instant Call Forwarding - Assign just one phone number per employee and incoming calls will find them, wherever and whenever they want to be found.

 Click To Call - Speed Dial with the Click of a Mouse - Connect automatically with your contacts, including your Microsoft ® Outlook contacts list.

 Visual Voicemail - Find your most important messages instantly. View, prioritize and even mail your voice and fax messages.

Fax Mail - Receive and forward faxes just like email. No more scrambling for lost faxes or re-faxing a fax. You can call your voicemail and redirect received faxes to any fax machine or email account.

Covad's Voice over IP services can be ordered directly by calling 1-866-462-3269.For more information on Covad's Voice over IP service visit Covad's website:

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