Creative InPerson Wi-Fi Videophone

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Creative InPerson Wi-Fi Videophone

Creative leaked the Creative InPerson Wi-Fi videophone via their FCC filing.
Creative InPerson Wi-Fi Videophone

Creative InPerson Videophone It features H.264 video with SIP support, high video quality (up to VGA resolution and 2 Mbps bit-rate) and claims to perform well under low light. It features a wide-angle lens, and dual microphones with acoustic echo cancellation and noise. It comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will power the 7-inch, 16.7 million color LCD for about 2 hours. Creative apparently has partnered with SightSpeed to provide the account login/authentication as well as the video functionality. I know SightSpeed quite well, as well as their PR rep Andy Abramson, who usually tips me off to interesting stuff like this. Apparently Andy didn't want to give me a Christmas gift (news tip) about this cool videophone gadget. Ah well. Andy did send me a Christmas card, so all is forgiven.

Hmmm. It's very interesting that Creative Labs partnered with SightSpeed and not Skype. I wonder if the device which is based on SIP is "locked" into using SightSpeed for termination? If so, maybe the firmware will be hacked to allow any 3rd party SIP provider.

Looking at the FCC filing, I see it uses the TI DaVinci processor/chipset which was designed for digital video processing applications, such as portable multimedia players (PMPs), digital video recorders (DVRs), and apparently videoconferencing devices such as this one. The DaVinci chip can perform encode/decode of H.264, MPEG4, H.263, WMV9, MPEG2, JPEG, AAC+, AAC, WMA9, MP3, G.711, G.728, G.723.1, and G.729ab.

Features include:
• Wi-Fi
• Rechargeable, removable Lithium-ion battery
• Auto Login
• Auto Answer
• Screen Saver
• Speed dial
• Call History
• Contact List
• Take Photo during video call

Usage Scenarios
• Built-in dual microphones, and audio output to external speakers (not included) with the bundled RCA cables.
• Built-in dual microphones and internal speaker.
• For privacy: bundled microphone and earphones.
• Viewing on a larger screen: video output to TV with the bundled RCA

I've tested SightSpeed in the past and was impressed with the video quality, so I'd be interested to test this product. Whether there is a market for portable WiFi videophones other than for gadget freaks like me remains to be seen. Maybe if this device played MP3 music, DivX, AVI, and allowed you to store ripped DVD files (external USB stick), then it might make for a good multi-purpose device for the road. I'd also like to see a full QWERTY keyboard for email access and Internet browsing. In any event, I'll put my feelers out to see if I can get a review unit. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some leaked photos: (Note the word 'FatPipe' in the last photo. That's a copyrighted term by a company (FatPipe, Inc.) that provides bandwidth management. Unless FatPipe is involved somehow. Update - I looked at another one of the FCC photos (not posted here) and it says Fatpipe Lithium-Ion Battery 3.7V 3500mAh. Never heard of a company called Fatpipe that makes batteries. Tried googling as well but couldn't find them.)
Creative InPerson side view

Creative InPerson Back Panel

Creative InPerson Top closed

Creative InPerson Architecture

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