Department of Defense deploys VoIP

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Department of Defense deploys VoIP

Remember this blog entry where I said the Navy had the largest VoIP deployment? VoIP Blog - VoIP News, Opinions: Navy Largest VoIP Deployment

Well, I was right then, but wrong now. Sounds like Kerry's "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time" quote doesn't it?

Anyway, a reliable source has told me that the Department of Defense (DOD) is in the process of beating the Navy's 350,000 Cisco VoIP phones by deploying 400,000 Cisco VoIP phones. Nothing like a little friendly competition between military/government branches, eh?

What's next Army - 500,000 VoIP phones?

p.s. You heard it here first and if a major news organization such as eweek, Forbes, or CNN uses this scoop, you'd better cite my blog or I will find you, hunt you down and kill the plagiarists!
(another Kerry reference: "My priority will be to find and capture or kill the terrorists before they get us and I will never take my eye off the ball." )

: )

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