Dial Up VoIP claim

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Dial Up VoIP claim

Here's a claim for "free VoIP calls over dial-up". I don't have time to analyze this too much this evening since it is late (just got back from seeing Alexander the movie - my pick for one of the worst movies of the year and definitely the most hyped and disappointing film of the year), but this release was worth sharing...

btw - they misspelled VoIP as VoiP in the release, but I'm leaving it as is. Also, this is probably more "dial-up VoIP" hype than anything else, but I'll have to investigate further...

New Patented Technology Will Allow Free Phone Calls Even Over Dial Up Connection.

VoiP Technology Companies offer their services to broadband users only. Now using a new patented technology anyone with an Internet connection can use VoiP to make free phone calls.

November 27, 2004 -- VoiP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ) An exploding new technology that was only suitable for broadband users is now finally available to Internet users using ordinary dial up connections thanks to an company in Ireland.

Thanks to a small technology company based out of Ireland the option of using VoiP soft phones over a dial up connection successfully has arrived. Until now pc users around the world could not avail of the new Voip technology as it was only workable over broadband connections leaving 2/3 of the world Internet users behind.

The Superior VoiP company have just launched their very special patented technology to the world market and already thousands of dial up users are flocking to the service. This new service is set to explode in global sales very quickly as the service allows pc users to make perfect quality phone calls free anywhere in the world to others who have the same voip software phones installed.

The key benefits for anyone using this technology is you can make free calls to other users for free and you can also make perfect calls to landline and cell phones around the world with savings of up to 80% off your normal call rates.

For many years VoiP companies have tried to perfect call quality over dial up and failed with poor results every time. Thanks to Superior VoiP software which is powered by the 3WTel Technology LLC everyone can now enjoy perfect free phone calls to anywhere in the world with other users of the same software for free 24/7.

A seven day free trial of the software phone is available for anyone to try at the company website below.

The company based out of Ireland have already secured Media deals with a USA TV channel Cornerstone TV. The company is expanding at a rapid pace through it ever growing team of Distributor. The Ceo Patrick Mc Cann has stated that the quickest way to get your product and service into the global market is through the referral marketing methods.

As a Distributor option the distributors are given a full VoiP marketing portal and full International resellers right to this patented technology making it one of the hottest selling software products of all times. Ceo Patrick Mc Cann shared with us that the company are enjoying rapid growth and by sharing the profits with its distributors makes it even more exciting for everyone involved.

A company sharing it patented technology with online marketers makes this a dream opportunity for those who are in search of the perfect home based opportunity. For more details please view the site link below.


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