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Dial-Up VoIP

In the VoIP Forums there has been a lot of requests for help in finding Dial-Up VoIP products.

While broadband has recently surpassed dial-up users in the U.S., (see http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/voip/archives/broadband-overtakes-narrowband-dialup-woohoo.html), there still are millions of dial-up users that would love to use VoIP over their dial-up connection.

Go check out these two VoIP forum threads that discuss dial-up VoIP products:
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Skype certainly is one option that works pretty well over dial-up.

To really make VoIP over dial-up a common occurence, AOL, the largest dial-up provider in the U.S., if not the world, needs to offer dial-up VoIP. Well, if you've been reading my blog or VoIP news in general, then you know AOL is now getting back into the VoIP game. This is huge news since AOL has over 10 million users. Imagine, if they get 1% to sign-up for their voice service. Immediately, they will have 100,000 VoIP subscribers. Of course maybe 1% is a bit optimistic, but nevertheless, AOL offering dial-up VoIP is BIG news!

Check out this link which mentions AOL's broadband USB phone called AOL Talk Phone, which works across AOL's dial-up connection. One feature states that it will support PC-to-Phone dialing - "Save money on long distance and International calls" but no specifics are given. This web page doesn't mention the calling rates or whose VoIP network they are using. However, I already know that AOL, like many VoIP players is using Level3 for their PSTN voice termination.

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