Dingotel New VoIP Player?

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Dingotel New VoIP Player?

Came across this new VoIP company while lurking in TMC's VoIP Forums
(i.e. this thread titled wireless voip communication

I've never heard of them but they make some "mighty" claims against other leading VoIP software, including Skype.

Post some comments if you have heard about them or used their products.

Here are some of Dingotel's features from their website:

  • DingoTel™ frees you from the proximity of your computer.

  • Travel miles from your computer and talk worldwide and nationwide using 2way radios from Motorola.

  • Push to talk two way radios (walkie talkies)and cordless phones provide the flexibility between familiar telephones and long distance push to talk two way radios.

  • Nationwide and worldwide two way radio push to talk service with no monthly charge. Yes, its free because your voice travels point to point over your broadband connection.

  • DingoTel™ provides low long distance rates to PSTN phones worldwide, and free calls to any DingoTel™ member.

  • After you compare our services to others like Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Vonage, GossipTel and Free World Dialup (FWD), you will agree that DingoTel™ offers the most flexibility. No contracts!

  • DingoTel™'s VoIP software self configures itself to work automatically through the toughest networks, NAT, firewalls, and UpNP routers. Plug into your broadband. Its that simple.

  • DingoTel™ focused on providing consumer electronic hardware and software without a subscription, for free VoIP calls worldwide. Soon you can buy your hardware at major retail outlets throughout the US and Europe.

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