D-Link enters SMB IP-PBX market

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D-Link enters SMB IP-PBX market

Didn't I warn you D-Link to announce an SMB IP-PBX before Linksys? Did I not say, "Now that I have made this prediction (Linksys developing SMB IP-PBX) watch competitors D-Link or SMC Networks scramble to beat Linksys to the punch. If this happens, and my blog gave D-Link or SMC Networks the idea for a SOHO IP-PBX, you can send me my $5000 flat-rate consulting fee or 1% of all future SOHO IP-PBX revenue." back in June? <sigh>

Well, I guess maybe my Linksys One interview from last week and posted around midnight on Sunday finally got your attention (or your PR) since not even a day later D-Link announced their foray into the SMB IP-PBX market called the D-Link xStack IP Telephony solutions. Coincidence? I think not! Next time, listen to me! ;)

p.s. So, SMC Networks - are you next?

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