e.164.info interconnects 100 million phone numbers through VoIP

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e.164.info interconnects 100 million phone numbers through VoIP

Interesting release to share, especially since I believe ENUM will continue to play a more and more important role in VoIP...

According to an email they sent me, they state, "today marks the world's first massive deployment of a carrier ENUM tree. e164.info is pleased to announce the immediate availibility of more than 100 million subscriber numbers spread over more then 160.000 prefixes in 8 countries already fed into the tree by its members."


e164.info interconnects 100 million phone numbers through VoIP

Starting today, e164.info offers public access to its voice over ip (VoIP) interconnection service. Traditional local exchange carriers and VoIP service providers connected to e164.info, benefit from cost savings by shifting their long distance calls to the internet. e164.info‘s huge database enables providers to deliver calls to more than 100 million phone numbers at no cost, finally delivering on the VoIP promise of significant savings. Most of today‘s domestic and international phone calls are still delivered over costly dedicated circuits. With VoIP technology maturing, the telecom industry gears up to take advantage of low-cost phone calls delivered over the Internet. In order to maximize savings, phone service providers are facing the challenge to shift as many calls as possible to the Internet. Until now, most players lacked a central piece of technology to do so; an international database from which they could organise which phone service would deliver calls to a certain destination number. After more than six months of extensive field testing with a closed group of market leaders in the VoIP arena, e164.info today announced the immediate availability of its interconnection service. At launch time a total of 14 connected service providers have submitted more than 100 million phone numbers to e164.info‘s database. These phone numbers are spread over more than 160,000 different dialling prefixes covering 8 countries. e164.info has managed to secure broad support among relevant players in most western markets. Its prominent members include Callme. se (Sweden), e-fon.ch (Switzerland), Magrathea Telecommunications Limited (Great Britain), Musimi.dk (Denmark), MS Networks S.A. (Luxembourg), sipgate (Austria, Germany, Great Britain) and SIPphone Inc. (USA). The launch of e164.info marks the world‘s first massive deployment of a technology dubbed "Carrier-ENUM" by experts. Open Internet standards ensure interoperability among service providers and ease deployment as almost all of today‘s software already supports „Carrier-ENUM". SIPphone, Inc.‘s (www.sipphone.com) CEO and Founder, Michael Robertson, praises the new system: "e164.info greatly simplifies interconnection between VoIP providers around the globe, like SIPphone. We were excited to see so many companies and organizations working together to hasten the inevitable result of VoIP: free calls."  THE CARRIER ENUM EXCHANGE www.e164.info Founding father of e164.info, Thilo Salmon, a German VoIP expert, is pleased with its take-up in the industry. "I am thrilled to see e164.info gaining acceptance so rapidly. Free and low-cost phone calls are arguably the driving force behind the VoIP revolution. e164.info is pleased to cater to the booming VoIP industry to the benefit of both the service providers and customers", says Salmon. More Information: http://www.e164.info

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