Earthlink MindSpring launches new VoIP client

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Earthlink MindSpring launches new VoIP client

On Monday, EarthLink will lean on a brand from the past, namely MindSpring to launch yet another VoIP softphone client. Seems like a new VoIP client is laaunched each week. I remember when TMC had a few dial-up MindSpring accounts before Earthlink merged with MindSpring. Apparently, they're now planning on using the MindSpring brand name to leverage VoIP. Yes, because when I think of MindSpring, I think of a VoIP leader? I think of cheap dial-up. Anyway, the "new MindSpring" is EarthLink's free VoIP product that combines VoIP and instant messaging on a consumer's PC.

The MindSpring software includes voice calling capabilities, real-time text (instant messaging), access to free voicemail and EarthLink Webmail combining a single online identity for all of these communication types. PC-to-PC calls are free, and customers can also dial traditional telephone users at the reduced rate of 2¢ per minute. New MindSpring users will also receive 30 free minutes of calls to traditional phone lines.

EarthLink’s MindSpring is available to high-speed Internet users running Windows XP or 2000, with or without an existing EarthLink account. Sorry Mac & Linux users. :( It is built on the SIP standard, which makes it compatible with any other open SIP-based network and in fact they claim to be compatible with Google Talk. MindSpring is live today at

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