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EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Manager & Reporter

Today, EMC launched a comprehensive solution for managing your VoIP infrastructure, with EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Manager and EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Reporter. The goals of these two software solutions are to maximize the availability and performance of business-critical VoIP services through comprehensive monitoring, alerting, diagnosis and reporting. I spoke with EMC last week to learn more about their latest foray into the VoIP space. My first comment to EMC was that I was unaware EMC was in VoIP and I just thought of them as a storage company. They acquired Smarts in 2004 for $260 million which was a leading real-time network systems management software company. The Smarts technology is extended to the new Smarts VoIP Performance Manager and Performance Reporter.

EMC explained how their new VoIP solution monitors the end-to-end performance and availability of both the VoIP telephony and supporting network infrastructures. These VoIP performance management and reporting products complement EMC’s existing VoIP solution for managing the availability of VoIP and IP network infrastructures. Their solution auto-discovers the physical, logical and virtual entities and relationships of your network and can automatically integrate with Cisco CallManager, Cisco Unified CallManager, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Avaya Communications Manager to display your telephony infrastructure. This gives you a single view of your networking and telecom networks and it can scale to manage hundreds of IP PBXs and hundreds of thousands of phones.

Importantly, it can monitor and report service quality (MOS, jitter, delay, packet loss), VoIP quality measures, digits dialed, post dial-tone delay, call progress, call completion, and more. The Smarts VoIP Performance Manager and Smarts VoIP Performance Reporter deliver real-time information about phone extensions, phone calls, voice quality, availability of the telephone service and interconnections to telecommunications providers. Additionally, the solutions monitor call volumes, call quality, and route patterns to ensure service levels are being met and offer both real-time and historical performance and trend reporting.

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