Empirix and Digium (Asterisk) Partner

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Empirix and Digium (Asterisk) Partner

Empirix and Digium (of Asterisk fame) have announced that Empirix has been named as "a premier participant in the Digium Partner Program", as well as Digium's sole partner for VoIP testing. Digium, Inc., the leader in open source PBX solutions, utilizes the Empirix Hammer FX and Hammer Call Analyzer to test its current open source products, including the Asterisk Business Edition product.

"We're delighted to have Empirix as our test system partner. Hammer systems are central to the comprehensive test program that ensures Asterisk's reliability, performance, and interoperability with key hardware, software, and protocols, "said Jim Webster, director of software technologies for Digium. "We use Hammer to test Digium hardware for full compatibility with Asterisk Business Edition, as well as several select models of our open source VoIP devices. Our test bed systems are also subjected to extreme stress conditions, using Hammer test equipment, to simulate hundreds of complex VoIP calls in various real-world combinations and configurations."

"Empirix has worked closely with Digium to develop and implement test methodologies that meet the challenges of open source system development," said Duane Sword, vice president of product marketing for Empirix. "We look forward to extending that relationship through the Digium Partner Program, and to working with Digium on future product testing."

On a more personal note, Steve Gladstone, VP & General Manager for Empirix has decided to pursue other opportunities. I've known Steve for over 10 years and I wish him the best success. I hope you'll continue in the telecom/VoIP sector so we can continue to work together.

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