Flashphone adds Adobe AIR VoIP app

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Flashphone adds Adobe AIR VoIP app

Regular readers of the VoIP & Gadgets blog will recall I've written about Flashphone several times. In theory, Flashphone, like Phweet (a Flash-based VoIP app) should work on Aircell's airline Internet service. Until of course, Aircell blocks it of course. (See Andy's post about doing VoIP over Aircell)

The most recent Flashphone news was the addition of flash-SIP/VoIP-to-video calling. Now today, Flashphone has released an Adobe AIR version of Flashphone. Many Flashphone users (about 75000 now) use Flashphone's browser-based SIP softphone since it requires zero installation. However, if you are using flashphone to receive incoming calls, having a browser VoIP app isn't always convenient.

That's why Flashphone created an AIR version of Flashphone. Flashphone writes, "Now you can install it in few click with Adobe AIR runtime (if it's not installed yet) and get real SIP softphone which works in the same way like browser-based one, but you can minimize it to system tray and be sure that you are online and ready to receive calls. Sure there are lot of things to improve in this version, so we are expecting feedback from our users."

Here is the Adobe AIR Install badge:


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