Fonality Names New CEO. Where's Chris Lyman in All This?

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Fonality Names New CEO. Where's Chris Lyman in All This?

Interesting news. Fonality today announced that it has appointed Dean Mansfield to serve as the company's chief executive officer. Mansfield succeeds Chris Lyman, the company's founding CEO. Lyman will remain as chairman of the board.

I'm not really sure how to take this news. Chris Lyman has been leading the charge for Fonality for years and has had a huge impact on their success. So why the change? Slowing sales? More competition from other Asterisk players cutting into their revenues? Or is Chris wanting to spend more time away from the day-to-day chores a CEO must contend with. Or perhaps Chris who had lead other startups from the ground up wants a new startup challenge? Even more fascinating is that although Lyman will "remain chairman of the board", he's not listed on the management team web page on Fonality's website - and it was obviously just updated since it now lists Dean Mansfield as the new CEO. Very interesting... Hope my Halloween VoIP post didn't have anything to do with this.

I have an email out to Chris to find out more about this move. Will update this post if I find out more.

Update: From Chris Lyman
In short, what I bring to a company is product and tech leadership -- think HUD. That's what I love to do: innovate, build exciting software, and prove a market.

After spending all of 2007 on trixbox Pro and then all of 2009 moving Fonality fully into the cloud with UNBOUND, I felt my time here was done. I was tired and I told this to the board.

See, fonality has *all* the products it could ever need ranging from PBXtra to trixbox Pro to UNBOUND to HUD, heck we even have a killer CRM product and open source trixbox CE. For a company our size we are in killer shape on the product front.

Now we need to grow (did you see our awesome Q4 results BTW?) This requires a hard charging sales-based exec...and I felt that I didn't have the energy or interest after six years to lead a massive sales movement inside of fonality.

With dean's sales experience at cloud-based netsuite (great product, btw, been a customer for 3 years) I felt we had a great match of our needs and his skills.
No BS or spin, that's the real story. It was an amicable self-initiated replacement that, as Chairman, I am pretty excited to see unfold. I expect great things from Dean and Fonality.

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