Fonality Serves up 1 Billion Cloud VoIP Calls?

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Fonality Serves up 1 Billion Cloud VoIP Calls?

Today, Fonality announced it has served up its 1 billionth cloud call on their hosted VoIP platform called UNBOUND. UNBOUND is Fonality's fully hosted cloud phone system and VoIP service solution and starts at $24.99/mo. Of course, Fonality also offers fully premise-based IP-PBX solutions as well.

I like Fonality and the Fonality team, including Chris Lyman, Samy Kamkar, etc. but I can't help but be a little skeptical over 1 billion calls. How long has UNBOUND been around? About 6 months from what I see. That means 5.48 million calls in one year. Assuming the average company is 10 employees making 5 calls each that's 109,589 total customers in 6 months. For context, Packet8 posted 10,000 hosted VoIP customers in 2008 and they've been doing hosted VoIP a lot longer.

I must be missing something.

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