Forbes and Cisco

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Forbes and Cisco

Got VoIP? milk bottle

Got VoIP?

Forbes had an interesting article on Cisco. It starts off in the beginning of the article saying, "Seven months later, Cisco's stock has been disappointing and trades around $19 per share--about 20% lower than when I discussed the opportunities for the company." However, it then states a more positive tone with, "But don't count out Cisco yet--2005 will be a big year for IP networks."

The article goes on further to explain why Cisco may make a turnaround in 2005 - all due to and thanks to VoIP. I agree with the Forbes article that "VoIP" could be Cisco's savior in 2005, at least market value-wise and stock price-wise anyway.

Yep, VoIP does the body good...and hopefully does your VoIP stock portfolio good in 2005. Got VoIP?

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