Free 411 directory assistance

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Free 411 directory assistance

Just discovered a free 411 directory assistance from It's pretty cool, I just called it and it asks city and state. It repeats what you said in a female voice and asks if what she said is correct. You simply say "yes" or even "correct" and it will recognize your affirmative reply using speech recognition. Then it asks whether it is a government, business or residential listing. Then you state what you want to lookup and it tells you the phone number and will automatically connect the call if you simply state on the line - all free of charge.

I will never pay for 411 directory assistance on my cell phone ever again!

This 411 service is great for VoIP users too that don't have 411 service. I know my home Vonage line doesn't do 411, so I can use this instead. Skype users can also use this 800 number to connect the call. Too bad Skype doesn't charge less per minute for 800 numbers - if they did then you could save money by always dialing though's service. Of course, that wouldn't be very nice to since they pay for the call.

(Note: They are ad supported - a short 5-10s audio ad is played before the call is connected)
Other free 411 directory assistance services include:
800-GOOG411 by Google
800-411-METRO by inFreeDA

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