Free VoIP TraceBuster utiltiy

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Free VoIP TraceBuster utiltiy

I just received an email from Mark A. Stacy, the CEO/CTO for Touchstone Technologies containing some news that I thought was worth sharing. I actually missed the opportunity to stop by Touchstone Technologies' booth at IT EXPO East 2007 in January where they debuted TraceBuster. As with all ITEXPO shows, I was dealing with dozens of vendors that all wanted to meet with me. The ITEXPO blur effect for sure. In any event, Touchstone Technologies has some really cool VoIP utilities, including WinEyeQ, WinSIP, and Win323. They offer some of their software for "free" as a teaser to get you to try the more advanced professional version. Not a bad business model, especially in this day & age of P2P software downloading. Here's his email with the interesting news...

Just a note to make you aware of a really cool new offering we just announced.  Our company (Touchstone Technologies, Inc) has released a new series of budget-friendly tools (available in FREE, Professional ($395) and Professional with QoS ($795, includes MOS and R Factor) called the VoIP TraceBuster.  The FREE version is a "must have" for Ethereal/WireShark users, providing call-by-call details, traces, and signaling metrics as well as overall network statistics.

The Professional and Professional with QoS versions includes alerts, alarms, user-defined watches, DB-friendly CDR reports, and media metrics (e.g. Jitter and Latency). The QoS version includes Telchemy's widely regarded VQMon engine.  The TraceBuster debuted at IT EXPO East 2007 in January and won a "Best of Show" award for test and measurement products. The product was released on March 1, 2007 and complete details and feature sets are available on our website.

I should add that the VoIP TraceBuster tool captures and replays network traffic providing more than 675 total metrics for VoIP analysis and 450 individual call metrics.  This tool includes user-definable alerts, alarms, and watches, a complete set of detailed reports, the ability to capture particular calls and individual media streams

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