Get Your Popcorn, err VoIP Supplies here

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Get Your Popcorn, err VoIP Supplies here

Get your peanuts... popcorn - err I mean VoIP supplies - here! Ok, it's baseball season, so excuse the bad pun. A budding two year old company, called aptly enough VOIPSupply, which supplies various VoIP products and services, recently caught my interest and I thought I'd blog about them.

First off, they finished 2004 with about 8 million in sales and are projecting 2005 annual sales of around 30 million, which is very impressive growth. They also expect to grow from 35 employees to 50+ by year's end. According to VOIPSupply, "We are privately owned, non venture funded, organically grown. Our model is a bit different from others in that we aim to offer the widest breadth of VoIP specific products in the industry. We are somewhat "vendor agnostic", we prefer to take a position of offering nearly everything that is available on the VoIP hardware side, and letting the market decide who the winners and losers are, based upon price vs performance of individual hardware components."

I inquired about how competitive their pricing was as well as if they offer technical assistance and VOIPSupply responded, "Our pricing is very competitive with any of our VAR competitors. We offer basic and advanced configuration/installation support on all of the equipment we sell, and we maintain an in-house staff of highly trained pre and post-sale engineers."

Their facility is located in Buffalo, NY and is composed of a 10,000 square foot fulfillment center, and they are opening a second 10,000 square foot facility 1 week from today, which will house customer service, inside sales, and their new fulfillment services division. According to VoIP Supply, "We provide equipment pre-configuration, warehousing, fulfillment and outsourced customer service components for a growing list of ITSP's."

They are specifically targetting the SMB and a quick glance at their website reveals they they carry very popular SMB IP-PBXs, including Asterisk, Talkswitch, Zultys, and Aastra. In fact, with the exception of Zultys, I've personally tested and reviewed all of these. (I've seen demos of Zultys at Internet Telephony Expo however). I was impressed with each one of these SMB IP-PBXs, each having its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, but each worthy of consideration in the small-to-medium business space. It certainly appears VOIPSupply has chosen well in its selection of SMB VoIP products.

They also carry IP-phones, VoIP gateways, videophones, resellers of ITSPs (Net2phone, Packet8, etc.), and just about anything else VoIP-related. VOIPSupply aims to be the online Walmart for VoIP supplies... or is that the online Amazon for VoIP supplies? Pick your analogy!

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