GIPS Click-to-Talk Lite released

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GIPS Click-to-Talk Lite released

Global IP Solutions (GIPS), today announced its Click-to-Talk web-based VoIP solution, Click-to-Talk Lite, is available free to download on their GIPS developer community website.

Like all click-to-talk solutions, you simply click on an icon, banner, web link, etc. and then a call is initiated to a company’s customer service agent. The difference according to GIPS is that its development platform allows for easy CRM integration. It's unclear however, how Click-to-Talk Lite differs from their full-version Click-to-Talk version, other than the fact that the Lite version is a "free" download. I'm not sure if there are feature restrictions or if it's simply a trial software that expires. Maybe it's limited to just a few incoming ports or even a single port. I couldn't find more info on their website.

John Hermansen, Global IP Solutions Marketing Director, seems to say they are identical feature-wise when he says, “GIPS Click-to-Talk Lite provides the same client software as the comprehensive Click-to-Talk version.” “He adds, "It will allow web and application developers to implement and test-drive a high-quality web-based VoIP application. GIPS Click-to-Talk has transformed many organization’s websites into interaction centers combining both self-service and assisted-service to enable true customer support and effective contact center utilization. There are tremendous cost savings, improved productivity and significantly increased customer convenience and satisfaction to be gained with GIPS Click-to-Talk.”

Still, there must be a feature-restriction of some sort. I'll update this post if I find out more.

In any event, the software includes:
  • GIPS client software, Click-to-Talk (CTT), allowing web users to talk through their PC to agents or other voice network users.
  • GIPS server software includes the Internet Soft Switch (ISS), which provides system services such as call routing, logging and reporting, and the Internet Voice Transcoder (IVX), which performs call signaling and media transcoding to connect Internet calls to an existing voice network.

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