Gizmo marries Yahoo, MSN Messenger (Live), Jabber, and Google Talk

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Gizmo marries Yahoo, MSN Messenger (Live), Jabber, and Google Talk

GizmoOm has the news on SIPphone's Gizmo offering free VoIP calling to most of the major IM clients. While Yahoo and Microsoft already offer instant messaging interoperability, as far as I know, you can't do VoIP between these two IM networks. The interoperability agreement between Microsoft and Yahoo is IM only. But with Gizmo, you CAN do voice over IP calling from Yahoo to Microsoft MSN Messenger. Obviously, Gizmo has figured out how to leverage the SIP protocol used by both Microsoft and Yahoo. The question of course, is will Microsoft and Yahoo allow this unabated. Yahoo is notorious for blocking outside software from accessing their IM network.

In fact, the just launched Gizmo Project 3.0 client can not only make free calls to users of Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live (MSN Messenger), it also supports Jabber, Google Talk and of course Gizmo Project.

To make a call, users simply type the username (often their email address) of the person they want to call. For example, or Nice! No AOL AIM support and of course no Skype support due to their proprietary protocol. When will Skype offer interoperability? Sheesh!

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