Gizmo offers VoIP on Blackberry with Free Calls

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Gizmo offers VoIP on Blackberry with Free Calls

Gizmo on BlackberryGizmo just announced a beta version (Gizmo for Mobile Beta) of their software for BlackBerry devices. The Gizmo Project gives you IM and VoIP to not only fellow Gizmo users but also Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and Google Talk users. You also get free calls to other Gizmo users.

Alas, outbound calls to phone numbers are terminated using Gizmo Project's paid services (similar to SkypeOut). Assuming of course you actually believe in paying for voice minutes on your cell phone.   Why not just use Jajah for free worldwide calling?

But no matter. Head on over to from your Blackberry's browser or you can download it from the Gizmo Website locally and transfer it to your phone. Least you can get free IM to all the major IM networks and free calls to fellow Gizmos - that's cool enough for me.

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