Global IP Sound Announces Major Upgrade of VoiceEngine

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Global IP Sound Announces Major Upgrade of VoiceEngine

Quick release to share... Global IP Sound makes an excellent codec that is embedded in many VoIP products - from VoIP softphones to hardware devices.

Global IP Sound Announces Major Upgrade of VoiceEngine to Provide Superior Voice Quality and QoS Monitoring in Enterprise VoIP Products
Version 2.0 Extends Usability and Quality with Noise Suppression, GIPS NetEQ 3.0, Push-to-Talk and Telchemy VQMon Support

San Francisco, CA - January 31, 2005 - Global IP Sound (GIPS), a leading provider of embedded voice-processing solutions, has announced the release of version 2.0 of VoiceEngine, a comprehensive, packaged solution that handles all the necessary voice components for VoIP to provide superior voice quality even under the most adverse network conditions. Enabling rapid integration and deployment of complex voice processing technology in PC and PDA environments, version 2.0 provides better-than-PTSN voice quality and a variety of new features optimized for enterprise-class VoIP, such as noise suppression, GIPS NetEQ 3.0, push-to-talk capabilities and Telchemy VQMon support.

“Voice over IP technology has reached a level of maturity, reliability and sophistication that makes it compelling to Enterprise users,” said Gary P. Hermansen, President and CEO of Global IP Sound. “Our initial version of VoiceEngine set the bar for voice-over IP and proved that better-than PSTN call quality is actually achievable. Continuing our history of product innovation, VoiceEngine 2.0 will bring enterprise VOIP to groundbreaking levels.”

The newest version of the solution continues to tackle some of the biggest challenges to sound quality encountered by those creating VoIP solutions. For example, VoiceEngine 2.0 integrates GIPS Noise Suppression, which eliminates stationary noise, such as computer fan noise, as well as non-stationary noise in PC applications. Also included is GIPS NetEQ 3.0, the upgraded version of GIPS patented jitter buffer and packet loss concealment module that dramatically improves sound quality and minimizes latency in IP telephony systems. NetEQ reduces jitter buffer delay by 30 to more than 100 ms over the most effective alternative solutions. NetEQ also automatically eradicates the clock drift problem inherent in difficult PC environments.

In addition, the solution provides a range of new features that allow manufacturers to readily provide advanced product features without increasing the complexity of the product for the manufacturer. The new version includes Push-to-Talk support to allow for the easy integration of group talk capabilities into products.

Finally, VoiceEngine 2.0 has added Telchemy's VQmon/EP (End Point) support, to provide a comprehensive range of reporting and measurement tools. With VQMon, manufactures of Enterprise-level VoIP soft client solutions can non-intrusively analyze and measure voice quality based on the effects of time-varying IP impairments in real time. VQMon/EP detects packet loss and jitter buffer discard events; measures the distribution of lost and discarded packets; and integrates key information into MOS and R factor call quality cores.

In order to meet the different needs of developers, the GIPS VoiceEngine comes in three configurations: VoiceEngine PC Advanced; VoiceEngine PC Standard; and VoiceEngine PPC. All three versions support narrowband and wideband audio.

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